Nicolas "Nick" McKelty is the school bully who thinks he’s the king of the castle. But also a straight A student. He calls Hank bad names and is a bragger. Hank, Frankie, and Ashley came up with something called the McKelty Factor, which is truthfulness times 100, due to Nick's bragging. He never misses an opportunity to insult Hank, and is nice around Principals Love and Joy. He bullies Hank, mostly of his mistakes. He also likes to get his own back on the unsuspecting Hank, Nick McKelty and Hank Zipzer. had a small friendship until Hank did something wrong

He also has a father called Mick McKelty, who is a rival to Hank's dad, Stan Zipzer. Nick twice had a brief friendship with Hank, until Hank accidentally did something wrong.


Nick has blonde hair and along with most of the characters in the series, he has diesel grey eyes. He is normally seen wearing his blazer and light blue shirt, tie neatly aligned down the centre of his shirt, along with a pristine haircut.