Mr. Leland Love is the former headteacher of Westbrook academy, after which Mr Joy took over. He repeats everything twice and likes to answer his own questions, has a mole shaped like the Statue of Liberty without the torch.

Mr Love dislikes Hank because of the trouble he has caused and also dislikes Emily because he believes that the word Zipzer means trouble. He has once tried to exclude Hank permanently from school. He makes a guest appearance in S3E7 to receive an award which is later revealed he stole.


Mr Love is shown to be a very fussy principal which is shown in S2E1 "Camera Calamity" when he constantly has his photo redone by wearing knight Armour. He is obsessed with Statistics and wants to make sure his school is the best at everything.


He is shown to wear a Grey suit, white shirt and a pink tie.